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5 Reasons to clean your Ducts in the Spring!

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Did we ever have the absolute best weather this week! Did you get to keep your furnace off for a few days? Most wait to get there duct work cleaned in the fall but did you know that cleaning your duct work is a great to-do item on your spring cleaning check list!

Here are 5 years reasons why Spring is an ideal time to clean your duct work! 1. Preparing your duct work for the Air Conditioner season. We all want clean fresh cool air in the summer NOT cool sticky hair ball air blowing at our already sticky skin from the moisture.

2. Our plant based product Benefect will kill 99.9% of allergens in your duct work. Say good-bye to red eyes, stuffy noses, headaches and allergy medication this summer!

3. Budget friendly, Christmas is out of mind out of sight right now. Fresh Start duct cleaning services cares about air quality and has made our service fees budget friendly to homeowners and business owners.

4. You do not have to worry about heat escaping or our team turning off the furnace during the service call. Most furnaces are off during the spring season, ensuring that the furnace is not working overtime because our team is opening and closing the door to bring equipment inside.

5. Clean and sanitized duct work is the key to success when it comes to spring cleaning. Watch your dusting reduce from weekly to bi-weekly (depending on lifestyle) . Enjoying the beautiful weather outside is more important then dusting.

Call Jennifer today to set our services and beat the long service call times in the fall (3 week waiting time in 2022).



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