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How Fresh Start Duct Cleaning Goes Above and Beyond

Our Mission is to be the Best Duct Cleaning Company, let us explain how.

  • ​After our initial introduction our team enter's your home to inspect the furnace and duct system.

  • Our technician will place a high quality resolution camera in your duct system to ensure you require our service and there is no large items or damaged duct work if there is low suction.

  • Once our technician has confirmed that our services are required, our team than begins to bring all equipment into your home.

  • Let's roll out the red carpet, we care for your home and protect the flooring and stairs from our equipment. Our technician's will wear booties as well. 

  • EVERY Vent (Supply, return and Fresh Air) will be vacuumed using a HEPA Filter (Finding all those missing socks and toys), Scrubbed and Sanitize using a 99.9% Plant Based Disinfectant (Duct work and the vent cover)

  • A Heavy Duty Grill-Mask is placed on the vent cover and placed back. 

  • Once each vent and return vent on every floor of your home is cleaned and covered our technician starts up our ultimate negative air machine and generator.

  • Our air line connected to our compressor which is placed at the furthest point from the furnace. This is where we will begin.

  • We now use our magical 'Wip" (is like an octopus with 12 tenticles) this Wip uses a 190 PSI which runs through each vent leaving nothing behind. This is repeated throughout each vent (Hot, Cold and HRV). 

  • Now that the magic is done our technician will confirm with our camera that nothing was left behind guaranteeing our work.   

  • Our technician than defogs your entire duct system using our trusted Plant Based 99.9% product Benefect which Sanitizes and Deodorizes your complete system. 

  • The Grill-Mask is removed from each vent and disposed of.

  • Our crew will leave a Fresh start sticker on your furnace for a friendly reminder of when your Duct cleaning took place. 

  • Our crew members begin to clean up and return furniture back to its original home. Our last step is rolling up our red carpet and giving the homeowner our any tips they may find fit. 

  • All of our equipment is sanitized between each call. Our Filters are all HEPA and changed regularly to ensure the best filtration.

Duct Cleaning Equipment

Voted Number 1 in Grey County!

Grey County Neighbors voted, Fresh Start Duct Cleaning Service is the BEST Local Duct Cleaning Company serving within 75 km of Grey Highlands! 

At Fresh Start Duct Cleaning our company strives on referrals! We would not be what are company is today if it was not for our community! 
We will continue to learn and improve our business EVERYDAY! We want the title again for 2023!

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