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Transformation Tuesday

This residential home was built in 2007. There was no evidence of a prior duct cleaning. Fresh Start to the rescue for these new homeowners. 

Click the Image below to see the Transformation yourself!

Before Vs. After Duct Cleaning

Vent Cleaning

Don't have the time to maintain your Vent covers? We do, take advantage of our Package today! 

Click the Image below to see the Before and after photos.

Before Vs. After Return Ducts

Dryer Exhaust Cleaning! 

This video does no justice to how how much lint was actually built up in this home. 

Click the Photo to see the amount of lint collected!

Dryer Exhaust Cleaning

It's pouring DUST

Do not allow your home to 'rain' dust! Stay on-top of your duct work with our Fresh Start Team! 

This is a must see video, click the image below! 

dust in Duct work

Fire Prevented 

This Dryer Exhaust was clogged solid. With one call to the Fresh Start Team we were able to remove all blockages. Providing piece of mind, fire prevention, prolonging the lifespan of their dryer and reducing there hydro / gas bill. Click the image below to see the magic first hand.  

Before Vs. After Duct Cleaning

What are you Breathing?

Say goodbye to Dirty Ducts and Hello to a Fresh Start! 

Click the Photo below to see what you could be breathing! 

Before Vs. After Supply Ducts

Got Dust?

Dirty Ducts mean more dust!

Click the Photo below to see the magic of the Fresh Start Team! 

Duct Cleaning Dirt

New Homeowner is losing his fight with a hiding smell. His final call was to Fresh Start Duct Cleaning Services. 
Click on the photo to watch the transformation!

Dirty Furnace Filter

Be able to breathe Clean Quality Air in your home with one call to Fresh Start Duct Cleaning Services Inc.

Number 1 Duct Cleaning Company

Don't breathe anyone else dirt, call the Fresh Start team today for your Fresh Start. 

Click the image to see this new home owners Fresh Start!

Duct Cleaning for a new home

Client was concerned her bathroom fans where not operating properly due to condensation build up. She was right! Not only did we find dust blockages but we found mold! She made the right call to the Fresh Start team. We were able to correctly clean the bathroom fan and exhaust and kill the mold with Benefect. All for one low price! 

Click the image to see the Magic of the fresh start team! 

Bathroom Fan Cleaning

Fresh Start Duct Cleaning will always go above and beyond for our clients! 

Duct Cleaning Services Grey County

Our Magical tool has its own song! 
Click the photo below to sing this song all day! 

Before Vs. After Return Trunk
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