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Affordable duct cleaning without up-sell!

Yesterday I had a phone call from a new client. I explained our package was $325 (plus HST) and went into detail about our process. When I was finished explaining the process she asked me is the sanitization another $99.00? No, everything your need for duct cleaning is included in this package, no up-sell! The only way our estimate will change is if your home has more than 16 vents, then the additional vents are $10 each. The Fresh Start team HATES up-selling! We are not sales people and really suck at it!

A day later I am cleaning another duct system and I am processing in my head that call and that is when it clicked, she called other companies. The other companies do not bundle there services they up-sell. We opened Fresh Start Duct Cleaning to help make duct cleaning more affordable and of course to do the job correctly.

So for Fun let's see what Fresh Start would charge if we were to up-sell our duct cleaning!

  1. Duct Cleaning - $325.00

  2. Inspection - $49.00

  3. Vent Cleaning and Sanitization - $169

  4. HRV (Fresh Air) - $229.00

  5. Sanitization (Benefect) $99.00

GRAND TOTAL = $871 +HST Our Fresh Start Package with all of the above is $325.00 (for 16 Vents, additional $10) Savings of $546!

Our Fresh Start Dry Package would be $1,020.00 savings of $621.00 The Fresh Start Dry packages is $399.00 and includes all of the above plus dryer vent!

Do not worry, everything else in the world may be increasing there prices but we are not!

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