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Which company can you trust?

Today I received a referral from an HVAC certified technician. The gentleman was appealed when I explained that our services take 3 hours give or take a little. He said "I do this every year and they are done in 45 minutes".

My response; We do it right the first time! Duct cleaning is not needed year'y NADAC recommends every three to five years, depending on life style.

Cheapest is not the way to go! It is humanly impossible to complete a duct cleaning properly in under two hours unless you only have 5 vent and than you are cold!

At Fresh start Duct Cleaning Service we strive to ALWAYS do the job correctly the first time. We screw up all the time, we miss vents, we forget keys and rags we are only human. But there is two of us! We try are hardest to catch each others mistakes and we have even asked the homeowners from now on to help us verify we have touched each vent before we WIP. We see our mistakes and we have come up with solutions.

We live in a small town, we strive to be the best we can for our neighbors. One bad outcome could destroy our family owned business and we will not have that! Scammers have destroyed our business and it truly does suck because we have to correct what they have tried to push as correct information.

Long story short, we were referred by an HVAC technician because we do the job right the first time.

Below find some questions you should ask when shopping around for Duct cleaning;

  1. What is your company name (Do a simple google search, go beyond there websites look for government of Canada information, a duct cleaning business should be registered)

  2. Look for Branding! A branded company has nothing but pride for there business.

  3. Ask if them the price they offer includes; Negative air machine hook up, grill cleaning, vent entrance scrubbing, Grill masks, Do they WIP each vent (Hot, cold and HRV), do they blow out the furnace and clean the HRV (if you have), how long do they take and how many technicians.

  4. If you are unsure of the company I would even go as far as asking for contract with pricing before there service call.

I can not stress enough, Fresh Start Duct Cleaning Services in the one to Trust!

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