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What is Hiding in your Residential Duct System?

Out of sight out of mind? Very True when it comes to what is hiding in your duct work. At Fresh Start Duct Cleaning we recommend to each homeowner after our service to wash there vent covers every 1-2 months and sticking a shop vac in there registers every 4-6 months. By neglecting these tips you are potentially breathing unnecessary toxins.

What is hiding in your vents?! Let's find out together!

1- Dust, Dust and more Dust! By taking advantage of Fresh Starts Packages your will reduce the amount of Dust in your home. Turning your weekly chore of dusting to at minimum bi-weekly.

2- This belongs in the garbage not in your vents, Dirt! Dirt is DIRT, full of harmful toxins. No place for it in your ducts.

3- How many pets can you make out of a shedding animal?! If you own multiple animals you MUST book Fresh Start Duct Cleaning services more often because of all the animal hair and pet dander.

4- Mold and Mildew - this is very toxic to anyone and the last thing anyone should be breathing. Fresh Start Duct cleaning uses a Plant based Product Benefect which is 99.9% effective on killing ALL bacteria, sanitizes and deodorizes your duct work.

5- Are you getting sick often? Germs and bacteria like to linger in your Ducting. The biggest pain in the you know what!

6- Kids missing some toys? Our youngest stuck an entire kids tool kit in his vent, and drove us mental trying to find them! Imagine those toys heating up and all those toxins from the plastic in our breathing air.

7-Updated your home? When did all the construction dust and debris go? That'r right its in your duct work waiting for the furnace to be turned so you can breath that all in. NO THANK-YOU, call Fresh Start two week before the renovations are done so we can have your beautiful new renovation clean.

8- Let's talk about our kids again, little brats! Wrappers being the couch, gross to them food as well. Guess what those little brats also drop them in the vents!

9- Smell something weird? Chances are you made have a deceased animal resting in the bottom of your furnace.

10- Fabric sheets, Scented wax melts and more VERY TOXIC for your health. If you need to place something in your vents to smell better than it is definitely time to clean your duct work.

Call Fresh Start Duct Cleaning Services today, breath clean air today for years to come!

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