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The Blessings of being an Owner Operated business!

Let's change things up a bit with today's blog! This week the Fresh Start Team traveled to #Owensound for our first service appointment of the day. We were greeted at the garage door with an eager home owner ready to get a jump on her #springcleaning. If you have hired Robert and I already, then you have already experienced first hand how hard we work while onsite. Normally the back of my neck is wet from sweat and Robert's hat is a little damp. We take pride in our work and business.

While we are starting to wrap things up, I see this home owner starting making lunch (which is normal it is 12pm at this point). This lunch wasn't just for her, she made Robert and I lunch too! I was so touched and grateful that she went this extra step just for us! Was very yummy too hit the right spot!

After lunch we head outside and saying good and this client gave me the worlds biggest, warmest hug! She went on to tell me how proud she is of the hard work we provided.

I really was beyond thankful for her reminder of just how lucky we are! We are surrounded by amazing neighbors!

Her gratitude was also a great reminder for me to stop and truly appreciate each and everyone I come in contact with!

To everyone who has continued to support our Duct Cleaning Business we are beyond blessed for all of your love and support!

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