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Scammers, Scammers and more Scammers!

When opening this business Robert our Technician at Fresh Start Duct Cleaning Services, would say they're advertising for us, "Everyone knows about Duct Cleaning". That is very much true, I laugh when they call me and my response is I own a legitimate Insured Duct Cleaning Company, they're speechless they hang up on me, instead of the other way around.

Our first official week open I get a message on Facebook asking "How much you pay for customers", REALLY! Of course my response is take a hike I will market myself. This has worked word of mouth has been such a blessing to our small family run business. But than we get the messages, how much? "$325..." than no response. A few weeks later we see a scammer post with comments, I open it up and see a local mom (I recognize her from my child's school and from her message to my business account) she is asking for an invoice for the work that was completed at her house. I messaged her to find out more, this was the slap in the face. She Starts by explaining they quoted her $140.00 showed up to her home in an unmarked van and regular clothes without a face mask (Covid) . Than she sends me pictures they sent her, these are stock google pictures I found with in seconds. Continues to tell me they charged her extra because her duct work needed to be scrubbed. Now, I am furious this should be included, DUH!!! How do you clean duct work with out scrubbing them?! She tells me the poster on Facebook does not work for the company but yet a "marketing team", but he is to provide her with a receipt or Invoice for $580.00 that she has yet to my understanding been given. This victim our local neighbor was told $140 and and paid $440.00 more than that, "a lot more money than I was willing to spend". Here is the smack in the face for both of us...

We lost a local customer because she was lied to, she was taken advantage of, in my opinion she was robbed! She thought she was saving $185 by choosing the lower quote instead she paid $212.75 (including HST) more than our price.

This is just one victim statement I have followed up on, I desperately want to go into their homes with my camera to inspect if they actually did a proper job but I really don't want to stress them out anymore than they already have been through. Hopefully one day I will be invited!

The frustration is the posters on Facebook are using stock stolen pictures. Things you should look out for; Does the post contain a business name? Business location? Are they the first to comment on the post? Are they liking there own post? If the Price is below $300 they are scamming you. Google the average cost for Duct cleaning. Our machines have 3 filters that need to be changed maximum every 10 homes $140 is not going to pay for these HEPA filters. Folks please STOP letting these fools take advantage of you. Have a look at these pictures below, same pictures different names! Do not be taken advantage of, Report them to admins as Spam!

I'll leave this here with you, we are a local company out of Markdale, our Trailer has our name on it. We are a husband (Robert) and Wife (Jennifer) team wearing our uniforms proud. We believe Covid is out there, we screen ourselves daily, we screen our clients the night before and we wear our masks to protect not only ourselves but our neighbors too. Our Prices are on our website, we include 16 vents ($10 ea. additional) I explain this on our initial chat so that you can budget before we show up. I ask for this number because I print your invoice before I come to your home. The only time our price will ever change is if you ask us to look at your dryer vent. We make errors absolutely, Robert leaves the trailer key at home and I leave the rags sitting in the garage. We often laugh at each other, we work really well together. Our business is insured, we have training for Duct Cleaning, Whims, Ladder Training and more. We support our local towns most importantly we support our neighbors! At Fresh Start Duct Cleaning we are your neighbors supporting our family one Duct cleaning at a time.

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