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Just moved here? Welcome to 'I live where you vacation'

When Robert and I (and the kiddies than 2) moved to Grey Highlands in 2019 we were often asked "Why do you live so far?", as we moved from the GTA. Not long after moving to Grey Highlands in May did we realize that you do not go near Highway 10 Friday-Sunday (Monday long weekends). I noticed quickly that, 'We Live where you Vacation'.

Moving to Grey highlands was the absolute Greatest thing we could do for our children (now 3) and our own personal mental health.

Now lets go back to 2015/2016 when we began our search for our new home. The nightmare, gosh do i remember the struggle and this was pre-covid! We looked EVERYWHERE within 3 hours of the GTA, this became a full time job for Robert and I. Our realtor dug into every 'secret pocket' possible to help on our journey. In the pictures the houses looked amazing, we would get so excited even drove through a few blizzards. I remember one house advertised "won't stay on the market long", I went alone with than 5-6 month old daughter ( and realtor) as Robert had to work but we didn't want to miss the chance. My realtor and i (and baby Tesla) head up to the second floor Instantly she tells me to go downstairs with the baby. The floor was rotten you could see the living room from a bedroom! The horror stories didn't end there, I remember being so angry about the false staged pictures of an exterior of a home I refused to go inside - haha- yes a little bit of a Drama Queen but the pictures showed a beautiful large yard instead the yard was small and on Highway 10.

Finally the day came after a VERY long search, Baby Tesla was asleep so we took turns viewing the home. Ladies first, I loved the home but Robert wouldn't there was neighbors and no space for a workshop. I didn't fully take the house in just rushed through. Robert's turn now, he takes a little longer than me. Sure enough he was sold, he said Yes to the house. That even our realtor helped us to secure our new to us home!

Our home was move in ready and did not need renovations that required urgency. I tried for a year to hire a Duct cleaning company with no luck! They said we don't service your area, they were no shows or they wanted to charge me $800 in 2016! We serviced our Furnace every fall and changed our filters 4-6 times a year! This was expensive purchasing Hepa Pet Filter as we are a pet friendly family. We needed our Ducts cleaned badly.

Now lets jump to 2017, the time has come to start our basement renovations! We had a clean empty slate the basement was ours to design and complete. With any renovation comes the dirty, dust and construction debris. We were dealing with concrete, insulation, laminate, wood, drywall and so much more. Robert had his work cut out for him and now on a time frame as we are Pregnant! April 2018 was approaching quickly and baby boy was coming Robert worked around the clock to get our home back in order before his arrival. True story we actually had Zeke Air in our home installing more Heat and one Cold return into our basement when I began to labor 3 weeks early, the following day Baby Tobin was welcomed to our family.

But yet again our family was in the same situation, again! We have now made our duct work even more filthy and cannot get anyone to clean our duct work without another $800 bill. Robert always said, we need to open a Duct Cleaning Business. As baby Tesla got a bit older we began to notice she has allergies and now we really need to get on-top of our duct work for her health and enjoyment inside her own home.

Finally, I caved as Tobin was approaching school age, I said " Lets do it!" October 2021 we began our Fresh Start!

This Spring we have meet a lot of new neighbors. Unfortunately, with the way the market went in the last 1-2 years these home owners went all in and waived the right to home inspection. One new neighbor was sitting on the toilet and could see the dog hair blowing up from the vent when the heat was on. The vents we clogged with dog hair and debris. There HRV unit looked as though it had never been serviced or cleaned since the initial install. Another Fresh Start Duct cleaning client moved into there 'retirement dream home' only to tested to there maximum strength. There was serve water damage, rotting flooring, pest concerns and again there furnace and HRV never serviced. There duct work was full with deceased rodents, dirty and debris they had to have us out before there renovations even began. As a family owned and operated company, I have promised when the renovations are completed we will return at a large discount as they will need is before 3-5 years as recommended. At Fresh Start Duct Cleaning Services we care about our neighbors, you are not just a paycheck you are a neighbor! One more story similar to above this Husband and wife moved here from the GTA, ended up in the same situation. Our husband wife team cleaned their duct work and said our goodbyes, A few weeks later, I emailed the lady to check in she had been through a lot and we had connected. She continues to tell me they found another HRV, I knew it was missing and i had told her "there should be one in your kitchen". Underneath the wallpaper they found the missing HRV! Fresh Start Duct Cleaning was able to use our reverse wip and re-sanitize there home with our plant based product.

As a family owned and operated (#husbandandwifeteam), we strive daily to go above and beyond for our neighbors. If you have purchased a new to you home, I strongly urge you to open up your vents (Hot, Cold and HRV) have a peak. What are breathing? If you purchased a new build, verify with the builder if they completed a Duct cleaning service before you move(d) in. You do not want to be breathing or dusting construction debris every few days. One last time you homeowners or even rents, please check on your Dryer exhausts often. Dryer vent cleaning is essential to prevent #Dryerfires. Our Technician uses a reverse WIP and Speedball to clean your dyer exhaust properly from the exterior of your home. Dryer vent cleaning will not only prevent Dryer Fires but will also reduce your drying time, reduce your hydro/ gas utility bill and prolong the lifespan of your dyer.

By choosing Fresh Start Duct Cleaning Services Inc., you are supporting a local company and family. You are reducing your weekly chores, you are improving the air quality in your home, you are prolonging the life span of your Furnace, HRV and Dryer. Hiring Fresh Start Duct Cleaning you are choosing a responsible, insured, licensed and trained company. Our Fresh Start Duct Cleaning Family takes pride living in Grey Highlands. We Volunteer with our local schools, children sports teams and snowmobile trails. Our neighbors can find us a local trade / market shows and parades. We are grateful for all that have supported us thus far and we look forward to meeting new neighbors soon!

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