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It's almost time...

It is a Saturday evening. I sit on my back porch listening to the crickets and wind blowing after spending a day at Storybook Park in Owen Sound. A moment of peace after a very full day.

As I sit outside in my summer pajamas, I can't help but notice the nip in the air. Our evenings are starting to get colder you can almost smell the fall air quickly approaching.

Before we know it the children will be off to school and we will be changing our clothes from summer to fall.

And with the nip in the air comes turning on our furnaces. What do you do to prepare turning on your heat?

Here I have attached a few tips for your: 1. Check your Furnace Filter. If you cannot see through your furnace filter than it is time for a new one. At Fresh Start Duct Cleaning Services we recommend a furnace filter with a Merv rating between 13-16.

2. Check the filters on your HRV unit. A simple vacuum and rinse the filters will do. Be sure to turn on your HRV as well.

3. We strongly recommend hiring a certified HVAC company to service your furnace every fall. This well help keep you warm all winter long.

4. If you have not had your ducts cleaning within 5 years, than it is time to call Fresh Start Duct Cleaning Services.

5. If you have completed a large renovation than it is time to call Fresh Start Duct Cleaning Services.

Beat the fall rush and call today to schedule your service with our Husband and Wife Team!

As a friendly reminder, Fresh Start Duct Cleaning Services does complete emergency cleanings in the winter months and these take priority if the homeowner is without heat because the duct work needs to be cleaned and sanitized first.

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