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Huge Sale on Dryer Exhaust Cleaning!

HUGE SALE! Voted #1 Duct Cleaning Company in Grey County!

When was the last time you had your Dryer Exhaust cleaned? Even if you clean the lint trap every single use, you may still require the Fresh Start team to clean the exterior pipe which connects from the back of your dryer to the the outside exhaust. Doing it yourself and hiring the Fresh Start depends on the location and amount of bends in your Dryer Exhaust.

Benefits of Dryer Exhaust cleaning include;

  1. Reduced Hydro / Gas monthly bill A clean dryer exhaust will reduce the drying time of your clothes, saving you money with each load.

  2. Prevent Lint Fire Be a responsible home owner and prevent lint fires before it's to late.

  3. Prolong your dryer lifespan A clean dryer exhaust will reduce the motor from overheating.

  4. Reduce Dryer time No lint build up = Less drying time The dryer does not have to work as hard.

  5. Prevent appliance service calls Lint built up is the most common reason for damage to a dryer. Dryer over heat causing problems to the motor and plastic parts.

  6. Stop Animal Nests Lint is a great nesting tool for animals. Do not give them an excuse to make a nest in or near the warmth of your dryer. Animal nest can cause a lot of damage if they are successful.

Take advantage of the savings and schedule your Dryer Exhaust cleaning today with the Fresh Start Team, Jennifer and Robert. The Dryer exhaust is cleaned from the exterior of your home and takes our team just under one hour to complete. Before and after pictures are emailed to you shortly after the service call.

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