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DO NOT let Dirty Ducts impact your Health and Finances!

Our family opened Fresh Start Duct Cleaning Services Inc., because we struggled to have find a trusted and insured company to clean our homes HVAC system.

We hire a local Certified HVAC tech to certify our home furnace every October. But yet we were still changing our furnace filter more than twice a year and the dust and build up in our HRV was insane.

We hire the HVAC tech yearly so that our furnace operates at top notch and so that we won't be left in the cold. Our Furnace is efficient because we take care of it yearly. But yet the Air Quality in our home is not good. My Chores were constantly adding up from dust and dirt and it felt as though our house hold was constantly sick just passing it back and forth.

Once I started to open up my Return and heat registers I realized our furnace was circulating air through inches of dirt, dust, animal hair, food wrappers, toys and even socks! Our Furnace was working harder and we had no Idea! I was working harder! Now that our Ducts are cleaned by Fresh Start Duct Cleaning, Our Furnace is not being pushed to it's limits, nothing is blocking it and we are breathing clean air in our beautifully clean home. My dusting has gone from weekly to at least bi-weekly. My family wakes up with a clear sinus, a great night sleep and healthy.

Neglecting your Duct work could lead to many health concerns;

  • Respiratory Concerns

  • Server Health concerns

  • Runny Eyes, runny noses and congested nose

  • Irritates Asthma may even cause a severe reaction

  • Allergies

  • Fatigue, headaches and dizziness

Be a responsible home owner and leader for your family, give them the gift of health!

Save your self a repair bill for your dryer by hiring Fresh Start Duct Cleaning to service your Dyer exhaust vent every 2-3 years. A sign that we are needed is running your drying cycle longer than normal, dryer is hot to touch or finding lint on the exterior of your home. More importantly save yourself the hassle of a Dryer vent Fire. Lint is extremely flammable, if not maintained your worse nightmare may become a reality.

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