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Count down to Spring!

Who else is excited for March 20th, the first day of Spring? Are you scared that the Lion might return with some snow?

This season has been different than I remember from years past. We did not get as much snow, there was ALOT of high winds and the temperature was all over the place.

We have spent a lot of time in our homes and are ready to escape the indoors and hit the beautiful #brucetrails hiking trails we have in our back yard. But until the warm weather and snow melts let's get a jump on our #springcleaning.

Where to start, first lets check our furnace filters. If you are unable to see through your furnace filter than it is time change it. At Fresh Start Duct Cleaning Services Inc., we recommend using a more expensive filter these are better at capturing the unwanted bacteria in our homes. Allergy season is coming in fast, a #Hepa Filter will help with this.

Second take off your cold air return covers take a picture using your phone (turn the flash on) what do you see? If there is build up than it is time to call #Freshstartductcleaningservices to schedule our service. If there is no build up of dirt and dust we recommenced cleaning your return cover.

Now lets move to your heat registers. Same thing open them up take a picture, see anything? If you see significant dirt or dust than pick up that phone and #callnow 226-923-1634. Still clean, than clean the entrance of the vent and clean the vent cover.

To those with HRV, these are the worst at holding dust. The build up in such a quick time period is unreal. We have a #newpackage being released just for you. We recommend washing your filters every two months and wiping down the filter box, vacuum if needed. When you see more than 1/2 inch of dust build up in the pipe than it is time to call the #professionals. We will come in with our Magical #Wip and take care of all that dust for you.

Now you can begin your regular #springcleaning shores. By staying on-top your #Ductwork this will help reduce the dust, dirt and bacteria in your home and improve the air quality so that your lungs can breat clean high quality air.

Say good-bye to #toxins and hello to #clean!

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