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The Money Shot

Our Fresh Start Team is always on the hunt for the money shot! Did you know that at each duct cleaning we talk multiple images and even some time videos! Before and after images are attached to each invoice, when our service is completed. We also email the full size images within 48 hours.

Having your before and after images are great proof of the what your were breathing before The Fresh Start Package.

Pictures also help the Fresh Start Team verify a job well done.

Videos can be hard for our crew sometimes but we do try to take some clips of our WIP in action for the homeowner to view.

Our Images our unedited and we try our hardest to match up the before and after images, but lets be honest it is HARD! This leads me to my last piece of advice; Do not be embarrassed but what we find. EVERYONE'S duct work looks #dirty. When Fresh Start Duct Cleaning turned 1, we made a video with all of our before and after images and no one was able to identify there duct work because they all look alike!

Begin your #Freshstart with one call!

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